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Executive Board of the Parents’ Association Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck

ChairwomanJulia Daum (Netzwerk, ISI)
0676 5570 644
Vice ChairmanJohann Hager (ISI)
0664 821 6737
SecretaryThomas Ringer
Deputy SecretaryStefan Fässler (Netzwerk)
TreasurerRobert Haimayer (ISI)
Deputy TreasurerEva Schintlmeister (Netzwerk)
Advisory BoardUrsula Weingartner (Netzwerk)



Monika Fohringer
Martina Schanes 

Representatives in the School Community Committee

Julia Raum
Johann Hager
Robert Haimayer


is important!

As a parents' association:

  • we represent the interests of parents and keep our members informed about developments within our community.
  • we strive to foster a positive atmosphere in our school community.
  • we support school projects – also financially.
  • we provide financial assistance to families thus enabling student participation at school events accompanied by extra costs. To access an application form please click on "Support". Anonymous applications can be submitted by the form teachers.
  • we are actively involved in the School Community Committee (SGA): Decisions about school events, discretionary school-free days, house rules, cooperation with other schools or external institutions, distribution of teaching materials, implementation of school experiments/trials/pilots, classes and groups sizes, participation in hearings, etc.
  • we welcome your suggestions and ideas and your active participation as a member (please see "Become A Member")

We envisage the school to be a dynamic and ever changing environment that is well-supported by our active involvement!

Parent Teacher Student Association Assembly

3rd Marchr 2021

Thanks for
suggestions, ideas and criticism!

Information for parents and guardians

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