Academic high school Innsbruck

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Executive Board of the Parents’ Association Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck

ChairwomanElisabeth Berger-Rudisch
Vice ChairmanThomas Meingast
SecretaryKatja Schirmer
Deputy SecretaryJulia Daum
TreasurerIoanna Kalogeropoulou
Deputy TreasurerUrsula Weingartner
Advisory councils Alexandros Papadodemas
Khalid Moussa
Auditors Monika Fohringer
Martina Schanes


A STRONG parents' association is indispensable:

  • We foster the partnership between parents, pupils and school.
  • We represent the interests of parents at school and provide information about them.
  • We promote a good atmosphere at school, also through personal presence and support at school events.
  • We support school projects - also financially - and purchase teaching materials that cannot be provided by the school owner but are necessary for efficient teaching.
  • We provide assistance and financial support for needy pupils (participation in school events such as ski camps, sports weeks). Application forms can be found in category "support". Applications can also be made anonymously via the class president.
  • We work together in the School Community Committee (SGA). Decisions are made there, for example, about school events, school holidays, house rules, cooperation with other schools or extracurricular institutions, the distribution of teaching materials and the implementation of school experiments, the size of language groups or participation in hearings.
  • We take up suggestions from parents in our regular meetings, discuss them and put them into practice where possible.