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Membership Parents‘ Association AGI

Please transfer the membership fee of EUR 12,- per school / year / family (additional voluntary donations are much appreciated) to the bank account given below:

Elternverein am Akademischen Gymnasium Innsbruck
Angerzellgasse 14, 6020 Innsbruck
IBAN AT89 2050 3000 0000 6205

With the payment please indicate your email address together with the name(s) and class(es) of your child or children and thus enabling our association to keep your family informed of relevant information.



In the school year 2016/17 the Parents‘ Association Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck (AGI) had 387 members. That’s a record!
This broad support is, both within the school and externally, a strong argument to engage in valuable activities and initiatives for our AGI!

We need a strong parents‘ association:

  • The future of secondary schools in Austria is a matter of intense debate.
  • On 1st of September 2017 a new organisation form of the upper secondary schooling (Year Levels 5 to 8) called “NOst / Oberstufe NEU” will be implemented for all secondary schools (AHS – allgemeinbildende höhere Schulen) in Austria. The school community committee of the AGI has decided to postpone this new organisation form for another 2 years. There are still too many questions to be resolved by the Austrian school authorities …
  • The school budgets for the Austrian secondary schools including the AGI are permanently being cut. We need a strong voice to stand up for our school’s rights and to optimise benefits concerning:
    - the distribution of teaching materials and teaching units,
    - the allocation of staff and
    - the implementation of school events and projects and etc.
  • Antiquated school bureaucracy, more responsibility for our school, quality assurance, evaluation of teachers, … - with these and many more issues, the collaboration with us as future-oriented parents is important, welcome and desired.

Let us take the opportunity to help designing the school and educational landscape – for us and our children!


19th April 2021

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